Who we are

Zippy Edibles

To promote healthy way of life through products that adheres to the best quality standards.By employing latest manufacturing technologies and committing to only quality ingredients, Zippy envisions to become the most sort after Indian pasta brand

about us

Promoting the “Healthy Way Of Life”, Zippy firmly believes that food is the key to well being. We strive to create products that are tasty and healthy at the same time, thus encouraging a healthy daily diet.

We at Zippy aim to bring the best quality directly from the fields to your kitchen.
To ensure the quality and safety of the products, Zippy has devised a strict quality control system. The system ensures that the raw materials used are of the highest quality, supplies are carefully selected. The staff with their extensive knowledge of manufacturing take steps to keep the complete product line hygienic to match the international standards.

Zippy is committed to introduce products that adhere to the tenets of leading a “Healthy Way Of Life”.

A brand you can trust

Zippy Edibles offers a selection of Healthy pasta products under two brands
Di Grano and Delizia catering to both retail and wholesale markets. Our aim is to help you create original and elegant menu which is great in taste and health. Zippy pays special attention to details like quality by choosing best quality semolina, and carefully controlling the processing phases right through the final packaging.