Vermicelli Kheer

In this dessert recipe, Vermicelli, popularly known as semiya or seviya, is roasted in ghee, which gives it a nice aroma and its signature taste. Cooking Time: 30 mins Serves : 5

Pasta with Red Sauce

This easy-to-make Pasta in Red Sauce recipe is specifically crafted to make flavorful pasta with the perfect spicy and tangy taste. Time: 25 mins Serves : 4

Pasta in White Sauce

This deliciously creamy Italian pasta recipe is prepared with stir-fried veggies and freshly made white sauce that can be served anytime quickly. Time: 35 -40 mins Serves : 4

Indian Style Vegetable Macaroni Pasta

Prepared with green vegetables and a dash of desi spices, this version of Macaroni is an absolute winner as it packs both nutrition and taste. Time: 30 mins Serves : 3-4